September 22, 2010

Vintage Hair and Make up Looks

Vintage looks,

Hayden Panettier
Hayden looks so beautiful in her make up, vintage inspired using nude colors.
How to get the look:
Apply foundation one tone lighter than your complexion.
 Line the whole eye with a black eye liner and smudge for a sexy smoke effect. Use pink (or light yellow), apply it to the base of your eye cap upwards (heavy-light). Then, for a depth, apply brown or bronze across the crease of your eye. Then blend light yellow, start from the crease of your eye upwards but not over applying all space upwards be sure to leave a space before the eyebrow unfilled with make-up. Curl your lash and apply black maskara for volume.
Blush from cheek bone upwards, use pink or old rose.

Finally, for the lips, a nude color like peach and topped it with a   simple clear lip gloss.

EYE: Mac eye colors, pattina, pink, light yellow. Maybelline New york full volumizer maskara, Careline cosmetics black eye liner.
BLUSH: Guerlain Paris  Météorites Voyage, i personally use this, it can be used as blush. A great buy.
LIPS: Nivea color rich natural gloss
FACE: Clinique face foundations, choose your tone.

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