October 25, 2011

Five Casual Looks

Two readers of mine requested more casual looks. So as much as I can I mix and match pieces to give you more casual looks. Hope you enjoy them all.

This look I think is best when you want to go to the mall, or stroll around the city, have a casual meet with your girlfriends.
Pile on accessories to have that edgy look.
Experiment a little by wearing a maxi skirt!

This is another laid back look, for grocery shopping or strolling or random malling.

This look is a bit bold, but it looks sophisticated. Perfect for a lunch meeting with your boss.

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I hope you enjoyed reading!

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-Abhie F


  1. very pretty.. I love the bags and sunnies. :))

  2. why thank you Jackie! glad you like them

  3. Nice blog :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  4. HI glenn, yes i have visited your blog. And it's awesome. thank you <3

  5. Great looks. That first one is my favorite. Mint green. So pretty.