October 19, 2011

Makeup 101: The Basic Make Up Kit-goodies that every Make up buffs should have

These are the essentials and BASIC make up goodies that girls should have. Make up do not conceal your beauty, instead it highlights you face making a more beautiful you. Being said by that, let's start to break down the basic goodies and their uses.

1. A pouch roomy enough for you things, and compact enough so you can bring it anytime, anywhere.
2. The Powder Brush, it's a must! It's a basic and a pre-requisite gear for amateurs, remember to find a soft and thick Powder Brush, this is an investment.
3. Blush On, you do not want to look pale and lifeless right? Blush on gives your cheeks a rosy glow making you look blooming and healthy! So it's a must have.
4. The Eye Shadow brush, this brush is also an investment, it is your magic wand to create a perfect eye make up, so you should find a very good Eye Shadow Brush.
5. Powder, either you like it compact or loose, it's your choice. But powder is a necessity in makeup, so you should find a perfect powder suitable to your skin tone and long lasting effects. 
6. Foundation. This is a must need goodie. Nuff said.
7. Concealer, if you have a perfect porcelain skin then your so lucky, but how about impurities and dark under eyes? Oh well, concealer to the rescue!
8. Eyelash Curler, this is also and investment, to prettify and make your eyes more gorgeous. Buy a very good and quality Eyelash Curler
9. Bronzer, a lot of women think bronzer is not an essential in make up. I think it is a must have because it gives your skin a natural glow, it also highlights and contours your face to perfect your look.
10. Basic Smokey Eye Palette, you should have one, if your an amateur you do not need a very complicated make up palette, this is a basic, you should maximize your usage of this palette, and it will pay off.
11. Lipstick, this is self explanatory.
12. Eye liner, to define the lines of the eyes, to give your eyes a sexier looks. Plus it can be an eye brow pen also.
13. Mascara. This is an essential, to give your lash a more dramatic look.

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-Abhie F


  1. Wow this is a very comprehensive and helpful post! Thank You..!

  2. Youre welcome jamie! thanks for dropping by :)