October 18, 2011

Random Updates + My cute fury loves

Hey there! October 9, 2011 was the start of our semestral break. I am a college student and finally graduating March next year (2012), school made me really busy. I havent thought that school would really consume my time, I never blogged the whole time Im going to school. Last time I blogged was last year, yes last year. Then I started to blog again about things that I love, fashion and make up (and everything else). Dont get wrong, I am not a make-up artist, but I do learn some make up tips from really awesome youtubers and from a very long time of doing make up to myself I was able to develop some odd skills in make up. It's an art yo'.

Moving on, my sembreak so far is all about blogging and being a couch potato. But i am enjoying it. Not because I an occasional bum of some sorts, it's because I was deprive of it when I'm studying. There were things that I have to sacrifice for studying. Having to be with babies is also limited, yes i have babies, by that I mean puppies. A boy and a girl. My baby girl was born last Feb 10, 2011 and I named her Summer, because it was summer time back then. She's a half bred shih tzu and yorkshire terrier. Sounds weird huh, but she's amazing and adorable. She jealous with my baby boy most of the time. But I am so proud of her because she is smart. I tried to photograph her a lot of times but I always miss, she's doesnt love the camera. But my baby boy does, he is so cute and photogenic, but really hyper. Feels like his energy do not perish. I named him Cooper, yes from the car Mini Cooper. When he was brought home he was so small and so cute, now he's all grown up and got really cuter. The camera loves him and he is really photogenic. Here are some pictures of him:

Taken using my ipad2, my baby boy is all smiles. I told you he loves the camera!

I used my digicam in this photo so its quite clearer. Is he a beauty?

I encourage you to adopt a dog or any pet at home, they are a blessing from God. For me they are like little kids, they love you and they are loyal to you, and the fact that you know that that love is pure and innocent it makes you happy. Whenever I feel exhausted or sad, they never fail to cheer me up. So please adopt a pet now and relish the love in you.

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Abhie F.

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