October 28, 2011

Random Update: Probably the Worst

Yesterday it was confirmed, i have the virus. The chicken pox virus, and it is my second day now and it is the worst. My brother is the carrier of this virus in our house, naturally, I being the sole survivor who havent catched the virus is now unfortunately sick and fugly as ever with so many blisters. This probably is the worst timing for this one, because today is October 28, it is our anniversary (yeah right im taken), we've been planning for this day since forever. Now it comes, and a virus broke everything. Wow what a moment. But having these shits are no joke. They are extremely itchy. Less than two weeks from now, classes will resume, im hoping to death by then i have fully recovered sans the scabs. Recalling all my fashion week invites, gosh i want to jump in a building. Im missing too much happenings. Hope all of my sacrifices will be worth it. God please...



  1. I hope you feel better soon. Try not to scratch too hard or it will leave back scars.I have found a bathing in oatmeal really helps with the itching.

  2. hi thank you so much, im trying my best to ignore the itch. thanks for the concern xoxo