October 21, 2011

You Haven't Seen the Other Me

I thought It would be nice to share with you some of my doodles, back when I was in high school I enjoyed The Visual Arts class, and I ended up being affiliated with our school's Art Club, during my four years stay in high school I never went out of the box, I was a loyal member of our Art Club. Damn, I enjoyed it, I was able to execute the artistic side of me. I sketch a lot before, and water color is my favorite. All through out my high school year I made my mind that probably I was born for the Art, I had planned to go to a decent school and take Fine Arts or Architecture, but then things have change and now I am about to finish my AB Economics degree. Still I know, my artistic side keep pushing me to do some things. I pursued my other love which is photography, I saved portions of my allowance to give myself a decent photography workshop and I am enjoying it. 
As I grow I learned a lot, my interests grew larger to things that I barely knew before. Well, wow, that's part of growing up. I know that every one of us has our own artistic side right? Maybe for music, dance, visual art, etc. Either you pursued your artistic side or not, it is overwhelming to remember how you enjoyed the arts. So here I would like to share to you some (I have like, gazillions of these) of my I-think-cool-because-of-my-self-righteousness ala fashion designer sketches. I hope you enjoy!

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I hope you enjoyed reading!

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-Abhie F


  1. Nice drawings. I'm not artistically inclined, so I'm impressed.

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