December 4, 2011

Yuletide Parisian

Hi guys! December is officially happening, so the Yuletide season is finally gracing its way. When I happen to pass by highways here in my province (Pampanga) I can't help but be amazed on the decorations on each and every lamp post, as if they are shouting "Christmas is near!". But truly, Christmas is near, the season on which we give each other gifts and wish each other a Merry Christmas. I think it is but deserving for each and everyone to have a break and enjoy the season. After all, Christmas symbolizes happiness and sharing, giving love to one another. As for me, I would probably spend my Christmas here in my province with my family. Although this is a usual Christmas without my mom here with us, still being with the rest of my family is special. Our family makes the person we are, they love us unconditionally, been always in our side, and supports us on all of the paths we take. Being with our family is the essence of Christmas.

Well, moving on, I have been feeling the season but not the weather here. Early December has been a very warm season during the day, and very chilly during the night. The weather is trolling us, hehe. Yesterday it was raining the whole day, as of this writing, the sun greeted me a happy morning. The weather is pretty complicated and I hate it. Sometimes it even ruins my already planned outfit. So I have decoded the perfect outfit for myself, pretty funny, but just by experimenting things, I have been able to come up with this get up that I have been going gaga for weeks now. Later on, I realized it has something to do with the Parisian casual fashion, but of course a toned down version-by that I mean sans the really thick fabrics, cause after all the sun here in my country is abundant in sharing it's hotness (literally) I don't want to end up bathing with my sweat haha.

At Caleruega, Tagaytay during our retreat.


Abhie F.


  1. Those gold-tipped shoes are so cute. =]

  2. I love the combinations of clothing with the accessories. Am addicted mix match clothing.

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