April 2, 2012

Hot Import Nights Manila 2012

This is a photo heavy post so bear with me,

I was able to attend the Hot Import Nights Manila 2012 last March 24, 2012 the same day the FPV Bloggers Event was held. My schedule that day is quite squeezed. I was able to attend two events, both are my passions; car and fashion. The event was held at World trade center, in fact it is a two day event. 

The organizers of HIN and Bumper2Bumper are the same people, so I expected a very good car displays and obviously an overflowing number. Surprisingly, the participants are quite few though not small in number, but a little compared to the other "large" car shows that I have been. Nevertheless, the show is still a good one and hot babes are everywhere. Not to mention that this show brought a lady champ drifter, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. The show attracted a large number of audience, and I should say it's pretty overwhelming. Congrats to the organizers of this event. It has been a successful one.

Here are some of the shots that I have captured.



  1. Nice shots :) can i have your number? Hahahah hs

  2. I love car shows too. I'm happy to see my favorite car there - the VW Beetle. =)