April 17, 2012

Just Satchel Bags

When I stumbled upon fashion pages and blog sites, it is inevitable to see this wonderful fashion piece. Yes. who doesnt like this type of bag? It's fashionable, it can be worn by anyone, any season, and probably anywhere!

Just some Satchels I stumbled upon random websites. Aren't they lovely?


So now you may be wondering, where can you buy Satchels? No worries they are available for you to purchase online! Here are some of the online stores that sells them online:
Glam Rock Manila, they offer large variety of Satchels on a pre-order basis. Visit their online page HERE for more info.

The Bag Finder Ph also sells variety of Satchel and other styles of bags. Visit their online shop HERE and be dazzled.

Another online shop that sells Satchel is Shop A Bag they also sells other high end and other styles of bags. Click HERE to view their site. 



  1. Your online shop links helped a lot! Thanks!

  2. Things that are excellent convertible satchels tend to be its flexibility and functionality. It can be used virtually anywhere by anyone. You might use it as a Vintage Leather Satchel Bag for college or a handbag as an accessory night.