June 17, 2012

Weekly Nail: Curved

Another easy DIY nail art for you ladies! Ready the following supplies: powder pink polish, pink polish, base coat, top coat, scissors, and circle stickers. The nail polish that I used: Etude House nail polish in Milk Shake P48 and Caronia Nail Polish in Baby Pink P33.

Step 1: Paint a layer of base coat on your nails, let it dry. Afterwards, paint your nails using the powder pink polish, let it dry for at least thirty minutes.

Step 2: Cut the circle stickers in half.
Step 3: Stick the half circle on the bottom part of your nails.

Step 4: Paint the exposed part of your nails using the other pink polish then carefully peel the stickers.

Step 5: Apply top coat. Done!

Good luck, hope you enjoyed :)

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