June 17, 2012

Weekly Nail: Pink Mermaid

Hi ladies, I will bid my magic tape good bye temporarily for this nail tutorial. This is (as usual) a simple and easy tutorial! The things you will need are the following:

Pink nail polish, blue glittery nail polish, clear base glitter polish, and lime green frosted polish. Now if you do not have those colors, then you have to be creative and resourceful. You can use other glitter polish as you wish.

Step 1: Using your pink nail polish paint your nail and let it dry. This will serve as your base color.
Step 2: Using the other nail polishes, paint them on top of the pink polish. For example: pain your blue glittery polish on top of the pink polish. Look at what I did on my nail (photo below)

You may apply top coat is you desire, the top coat will also make your polish last longer. The role of the pink polish is to create a harmony on the nails despite having various colors/glitters. 

I hope you like it. Goodluck :) tweet me your finished work at @abhieflo View my other tutorials HERE

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