September 14, 2012

My Updated Nail Polish Collection

I already shared my nail polish collection last April, and since then my collection grew and grew. I love collecting nail polishes, I always change my nail color and having a lot of choices makes me happy! Most of my collections are Philippine brands, some are Korean brands and few are American brands. I do not purchase nail polishes above P200 cause I find that extremely expensive. Call me kuripot or whatever, but these brands gained my trust and through personal testing have proven their quality. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to try the expensive polishes, maybe when I have a lot of money to spare, or perhaps when I stopped debating with my brain when it comes to reasonable spending.

Moving on, may I present first my HG tools and essentials; like my polishes, I also do not spend too much on these simply because they satisfy me given their prices and quality.

Most of these products are found at Watsons and leading department stores nationwide. I swear with Caronia's Nail Hardener and Base Coat, I use this before applying nail polish, it does wonders in keeping my nails white and unstained. I apply two coats of this and let it dry completely before applying polish. 
I only have one nail dot pen and it's from The Face Shop, it costs a little over P100 and it last forever. I have it in white cause white is the universal color for me. As for that red donut, it is actually a Magic Tape from Scotch. I prefer using this than any brand because it does magic! Scotch tape is a staple piece for nail art, believe me it's my nail art bestf riend. 
My HG nail coat is a little bottle of clear polish from Etude House, it cost P48 and it's better from any nail coat from Bobbie or Caronia. It's quick drying and it last really long.

Moving on, may I now present my updated nail polish collection: they are grouped according to their respective shades. Hope you enjoy!


I actually own sixty four nail polish, and only one of them is matte (i don't like matte finish polish because at the end of the week it doesn't stay matte) and the rest are frosted, glossy, and shimmery finishes. I do not have a single favorite color cause I have a lot of favorites! I love mix and matching shades and when I am not lazy I change my nail color twice to thrice a week. I shop at SM department stores, Etude House, and the Face Shop. I know this nail polish collection will still grow...  So see you on the next edition!


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