September 7, 2012

Weekly Nail + Tutorial: Playful Colors + Supernova

Hi guys! Let me show you how to create the following nail arts:

Left: Playful Colors, Right: Supernova

First let's do the colorful one, it's so simple! This nail art here fished wonders from people, they were asking me if it was a printed nail decal or a nail art. 
Of course it's a nail art created from nail polishes. Caronia's polishes are pretty and lovely. When combined they make an artwork. I simply used one streak every polish on my nails and WOOAALAH there you have it. Try it, it's pretty odd and simple.

Next, if you wanted to create an oomph to your already prettified nails, then let's proceed to the next nail art. Now you have to ready your black nail polish, a pair of scissors and Scotch Tape (I prefer using magic tape from the brand Scotch because it's easier to remove and it does not hold on to your polish that much compared to regular scotch tape.)

NOTE: Let your nail polish dry completely before proceeding here! Else you will end up crying for wasted efforts. Swear!

Step 1: Cut thin strips of magic tape or masking tape and randomly align and stick them onto your nails.
Step 2: Paint your nails using black nail polish.
Step 3: Carefully peel the tape
Step 4: Clean the edges of you nail and apply top coat. REMEMBER let the black polish dry for at least thirty minutes before applying the top coat, I experienced smudging the moment I applied the top coat immediately.

OMG easy right! Let me hear you thoughts by commenting below, or if you want other nail art tutorials/request. Send me a photo of your finished nail art on twitter, let's get connected :)

Hope to hear from you:


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