September 3, 2012

Philippine International Motor Show 2012

 Photo heavy post.

I was able to attend the recently concluded PIMS 2012 last August 19,2012. It was the last day of the event and I am so glad I was able to come.The first two weeks of August were literally disaster weeks, Habagat have been so generous that it left my province and the rest of Luzon in flood. A once in a lifetime encounter of flash flood, a week long power shortage not to mention there was also a water shortage. It was hell, and the coming weeks was the same. I thought I wouldnt make it. But then God is good, I was able to race back in Manila, all for the love of cars. Cut the story short I made it. Let me now present to you some of my thoughts and photos of this event.

The Honda booth boasted their Modulo set up cars (Jazz, City and Civic) which were also for sale and only has one stock per model, also present are the Odyssey, Honda Insight, and the CR-Z. Both the Insight and CRZ are hybrid models, and are not sold here in our market, but who knows? This may be a sign that Honda is telling us, or may be not...?

Above: Honda Jazz in Modulo set-up, Below: Honda Insight

Above: Honda Odyssey, Below: Honda CR-Z in Mugen set up.

One of the highly anticipated model is the New Toyota 86, I have been spying this car ever since Toyota released a concept way back 2008 I think. This model was inspired from the classic Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, a popular car that went apparently extinct decades earlier. Since the Trueno have proven a lot, the expectations of it's predecessor is high. The market welcomed the Toyota 86 with arms wide open, even before it was released, it was sold out in pre-order basis...

The New Toyota 86
Seeing it in person is overwhelming! It did not disappoint me at all, from the interior to exterior, beyond satisfaction. No wonder it was a block buster. Now, let us wait for it's equal rival-the Hyundai Genesis Coupe to keep the competition exciting.

Above: Toyota Vios TRD, Below: Kia Picanto
Toyota also displayed it's Vios TRD SE edition, and it looks great! We own a Vios and it's practically a great car for everyday use so seeing it on steroids is awesome!

Above: Kia Optima in white, Below: Kia Quoris/K9 in black.
Kia on the other hand never failed to surprise the audience, having been displayed its premium model, which will rival the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Although no words have been released about its confirmation of selling the K9/Quoris, it makes me anticipate more of its release. It looks expensive in the outside, I wonder what it looks like under the hood. The Optima on the other hand was officially released pricing at P1.48million, not bad eh?

Nissa 370Z
Now, now, that red car is teasing! Cause Nissan finally brought its 370Z, ever since Toyota released the 86, the other car manufacturers have been teasing the public about releasing their respective versions of sports car. Evidently the pressure is on, cause Nissan finally brought one on display. Rumors says that they may release their own sports car. Well if that is true, then we have to thank Toyota for shaking things up, hoping we would see a lot of sports car on our high ways. Aaand Nissan please make the rumors true. You are the mother of the GT-R, at least give us the 370Z.

Above: Dodge Charger in red, Below: New Chrysler 300C
I personally dont find the new Chrysler 300C appealing or maybe I am biased because obviously I am a big fan of Japanese cars.

Above: The current Suzuki Swift model, Below: Suzuki Kizashi with a sexy lady
Hello Suzuki Kizashi welcome, welcome.

Suzuki S-concept Swiftt
I find this Swift S Concept ravishing, frankly I am a silent fan of the Swift until the Honda Jazz took my heart away. But then the Swift will always be a car that people look forward to; there, there, there, looks like they are injecting more steroids to it. Certainly something to look forward to.

Above: A real F1 car sponsored by Shell Ph, Below: The new Honda Civic in Modulo set up

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi FINALLY brought something new, say hello to the Mitsubishi Mirage! Well, the mother of this car have been boasting about its child's fuel efficiency. Dont be shocked, it may outrun your sedan in terms of fuel efficiency and well possibly speed. Price is also competitive at less than P700k. Did I mention that it's key less, packed with built in GPS and since it's 1.2L Mivec 100 Nm / 74 / 10.2 kgm @ 4000 rpm, it sound mighty... 

Above: Mitsubishi Lancer EX GT-A, Below: Mitsubishi Montero Sport looking awesome in matte orange.
Im quite disappointed on the Lancer EX, me and my bf have been sharing the same sentiments. The newly launched 1.6L variants were better than the 2.0L high end variants in terms of interior and exterior add ons. It's so unfair. They should launch a revamped Lancer EX 2.0 GT-A variant with the same exterior and interior benefits that the new 1.6L variants has.

Above: Mitsubishi Strada looking like a bully, Below: the new Mitsubishi Outlander and an old school Gallant

Old school Mitsubishi Gallant
Nothing beats the classic, the photo above is an old school Gallant ready for action. I loooove old school cars, especially old school Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota. I always dream of owning a Trueno, an Evo 3, and the Devil Z (Datsun 240Z).

Above: Nissan Murano, Below: The mighty Juke in red
Looks like Nissan would release the Juke, no juking but this car is exciting (pun intended). Does owning a Juke makes you a Juker? (OK pun intended again!)

The Nissan truck bullies: Above is the Patrol, Below is the Navara in stunning yellow
Ever since dad purchased a Krome Edition of Navara the model became ubiquitous, well atleast for me. This truck surely is a competitive one, we have proven that since ours have survived marvelously the floods of Habagat. Pure 4x4 power and Nissan awesomeness.

The next car that will belong in my garage, Lexus LFA.
And now, the main reason why I ran my ass off to attend this event, behold my friends, the ONLY non-grey Lexus LFA in the country, sparkling, alluring, and teasing. I almost cried when I saw it, in metal and flesh, feels like Johnny Depp and Michael Fassbender are winking at me while Guns N Roses is playing Welcome to the Jungle live. The LFA right in front of me, swirling around as if it wanted to welcome me. After the almost state of nirvana and absolute euphoria that I felt, I came back with a reality the moment I remembered how much this super car cost, a staggering P40 million only. The one who said money can't buy happiness never saw The LFA.


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