September 9, 2012

Weekly Nail + Tutorial: Color Blocking

Hi guys, "Weekly Nail" is usually every Mondays, it just so happened I revived from blogging at the middle of the week last week, hence late weekly nail for the previous week. 

So, are you like me who owns a truck of nail polish? Once my friend teased me, when he saw my nail polish collection, he asked me "are you having a nail parlor business or what?". Cause apparently I do own a lot of nail polish. Some of them were only used once, so I came up with an idea to use them all at once. Hence this tutorial! I kid you not when I say it's easy! Cause it really is.

Supplies: Magic Tape, Scissors, Base Coat, Top Coat, 10 random colored Nail Polish

Step 1: Apply Base coat to nails, let it dry for a while.
Step 2: Cut thin strips of tape
Step 3: Paint your nails, now each nail color varies, no repeating of color per nail.
Step 4: Make sure your nail polish have dried completely! Now stick the tape strips on your nails sidewards one over the other exposing the upper half of the nail forming an inverted triangle shape.
Step 5: Paint the exposed part of your nails using your nail polish, again no repeating of color per nail.
Step 6: Carefully remove the tape strips, clean any mistakes nail and apply top coat.

DONE! There you have it ladies! Now even your nails look fash and chic.


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