October 11, 2012

Halloween Idea: Statue Of Liberty

Hi there! This Halloween look gives a classic look a twist of sexiness, modern and glam. Yes my dear, we are gonna be the Modern Statue of Liberty. If you haven't decided who or what to be this Halloween, then take this as an inspiration. Here I will try my best to make you a beautiful and sexy version of the Statue of Liberty.

Since the statue's color is ashy blue then we will use it as the key color.

Find a flowy blue dress. Now, it doesn't matter how long it is, as long as you are comfortable with the length. I think you should go for flowy dress since the statue wears a rather long and flowy greek inspired gown. The shoes should match the color of the dress just for you know, consistency. I know this is sort of matchy matchy, but then it's a Halloween costume right? Let's break some rules here for a while. I suggest to go for sky high heels (that you can walk on properly of course) if you you want a slender and sexier appearance. Heels makes you look taller, sexier, and makes your legs look longer. To break the blueness you can accessorize with a gold stud earrings. I think you shouldn't use a lot of accessories here since it may look unnecessary.

Now to the head wear:

This is a DIY version that I created. If you really cannot look for a spiked blue head wear, then why not make one? Super duper easy baby, all you need is a plain blue headband, glue, and blue spikes (you can purchase them at craft stores). Following the photo above, all you need to do it to stick those spikes on the headband. Make sure that the spikes are properly and strongly glued on the headband to avoid any inconvenience. 

Now, the look wouldn't be complete without the torch. Here is again a DIY version.

You have to go find and print printable flames, I suggest that you print them on a paper board or anything harder than the usual bond paper. Cut and glue them on the rim of the flashlight (which has a relatively longer handle). You can always go and be more creative on improvising materials...

Now to the Makeup:

 My suggestion for the eyes is to stick to the neutrals or earth tones. If you want a glamoured up look, then go dramatic with the eyes, if you want to look more chic then go with bronzed, if you want to look edgy and sexy then go exaggerate a little on that cat eye. Remember to balance the eye with the lips. You do not want to look too made up right? If the lips are bold, then don't go heavy on the eyes. Simple.


 My suggestion is to either sport big curls or tucked in hair. If you ought to choose big curls then aim for volume. This would be a more comfortable hair style since you have a headband to wear. Now, if you really wanted to tucked your hair then make sure to make a space for your headband. The photo above suggest four styles that are headband ready.

That's it. It's quite a long post. Like it?
Stay tuned for the next Halloween Ideas :) (three more)


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