March 16, 2015

REVIEW: All New Nivea In Shower Body Lotion

Hello! It's review time, and today I'm reviewing the All New Nivea In Shower Body Lotion. This product retails $5.99 in Target, but if you're a cheapstake like me, you can get it for less than $2 by stacking coupons. 

The lotion is a big bottle of 400ml or 13.5 FL OZ if you're ultra american who doesnt use the metric system (srsly tho, it's 2015, y u no use metric murica?) it will lasts you for roughly 1-2 months. 

It has three variations according to skin types (normal, dry, very dry). I dont have a very dry skin but I just picked up the "for very dry skin" ones because I thought it would give me more moisture. (Please tell me im not the only one who do this) 

What I love about it:

It's so lightweight, it claims no sticky feel, which is 100% true. It smells like the classic nivea scent, and it lasts you forever. 
It's easy to use, right after you scrub, soaped up, splatter this shit in your body and you can rinse it afterwards. You can instantly feel the softness of your skin.

It saves you time, especially if you're a working lady who do not have the luxury and time to do all these lotioning rituals. Just apply on wet skin, rinse, towel dry your skin. Bam! Go to work.

It's inexpensive, really, $5.99 is not bad for a month supply of moisture and time saving. Whoop. Go get it now. 

The formulation is not thick or heavy.

I really love it that I hoarded 5 bottles (and will probably get more, since nivea is generous with their sunday coupons). I kid you not, if the zombie apocalypse happens in next week, im gonna starve to death but my moisture supply is still up for the following months. (Haha dont judge)

What i dont like about it:

Maybe the scent? I dont really like the nivea scent tbh but it doesnt really bother me or anything. That's all.

*gracefully exits*

Get your samples here.


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