April 2, 2015

Review: Bella Rose 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Thanks to an exclusive coupon that Bella Rose gave away, I was able to purchase this particular mascara for a very low price. It retails for $29 (which is crazy expensive), and you can only purchase it through amazon.

I have read and watched so many blogs and vlogs of beauty enthusiasts, trying out 3D Fiber Lash mascara. I, having the usual Asian lashes; which are sparse and thin, have been dying to find The mascara. Most mascaras in the drugstore didn't really helped me in anyway. I get frustrated most of the time. Hearing about the buzz of these Fiber Lash mascaras made me a little hopeful. Somehow, it made me curious if it actually works. So when Bella Rose gave away some exclusive coupons, i did not hesitate to purchase it at a lower price and to try it myself. 

The packaging of this product is a little different, it comes with a sturdy case that looks like an eyeglass case to me. It's black and simple. However, given this kind of packaging, It will just take more space in your bag/purse. 

 It also comes with two tubes of mascaras. One is taller and the other is shorter. They do not have labels or anything. So this is like a guessing game in the beginning. 

The taller one is the coating mascara, or what they call the "transplanting gel", it looks like your typical mascara and a has a typical wand for that longer lash finish.

The shorter tube has the "fibers" on it. The wand looked like it was a wet stick dipped in a pool of black lint. It was very unconventional. This is my very first time to use a fiber lash mascara, so to my surprise, this shit looked really weird. View the complete list of ingredients HERE.


For comparison, I would apply this product on my right eye only.

The directions says to apply a coat of mascara (i used maybelline's hyper curl) and then apply a coat of the "transplanting gel", before it dries up, immediately apply the 3D Fiber Lashes. Curling your lashes before application is optional.

Since my lashes looks like they are non existent (cries hard) I had to curl them first before applying anything on them. My typical problem with any mascara is that, they aren't able to hold the curl, and they just make my lashes look lumpy and ugly (and then ruins my whole makeup look that I put up for the last 5 hours, yes the struggle). The formula of this "transplanting gel" is very wet and a little light. 


So upon application of the "transplating gel", I went a head and applied the Fiber Lashes. I definitely saw a difference, however, I wasn't satisfied.

right eye - with mascara | left eye - no mascara


 I went ahead and redo what I did, and that goes the second layer. I saw a major difference on my lashes, however, I also noticed that my lashes looked clumpy and weird. They wouldn't separate, and I can see the fiber clinging every where they can. I fixed it by combing my lashes using the "transplanting gel".


The second coat looks good to me, however I wanted to try another coat, as expected, it was more clumpy and "spidery" so I needed to comb and separate the lashes. So much work to do on this mascara, really. 

In my experience, I observed that you cannot really fix the fiber lashes completely. You can just lessen the "twig" looking fibers. Let me show you a zoomed version so you would understand better:

Umm. NOPE.

One of my major problem with this mascara are the fall-outs. They are a pain in ass. Ugh. The fibers would often go inside my eyes, making it irritated. This is certainly not a mascara for those who wear contact lenses. I warn you, don't even bother using these kind of products. You. Will. Regret. It. 

Final thoughts:

I definitely saw a longer and thicker lashes on me, however they are on the clumpy and "spidery" side. Constant combing is needed. The idea is very interesting, but application takes some time. If you have the patience and wouldn't want to buy fake lashes, then go for it. But if you're always on the go, then you might as well skip it. If you wear contact lenses, please for the love of God, skip it. Over all, I would not recommend it, considering the price, the effort, and the outcome, I feel like it's not worth it. This is definitely not the mascara for me. 

Bella Rose offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, order your own mascara HERE.



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