May 21, 2015

REVIEW: SOLVADERM ACE – FERULIC Skin Damage Restoration & Photo Aging Defense Serum

I have been testing this particular product for the last ten days so I can completely see its effectiveness and if it actually worked for me. Solvaderm sent me a bottle of their ACE – FERULIC Skin Damage Restoration and Photo Aging Defense Serum for review thru BrandBacker.

What is ACE – FERULIC Skin Damage Restoration and Photo Aging Defense Serum? 
It is an advanced rejuvenating serum that promotes dermal restoration and provides a powerful defense against skin aging due to sun exposure and environmental stressors. 
It's paraben free, perfume free, and it is a professional strength formulation.

It claims the following:
  1. Protects skin against the harmful effects of free radicals to prevent environmental and UV damage.
  2. Complements skin’s natural sun defense system to effectively fight multiple signs of photo aging, and noticeably lightens hyperpigmented areas.
  3. Vitamin-packed professional-grade serum has ingredients that work synergistically for extreme antioxidant protection.
  4. Promotes collagen and protein synthesis in the deeper dermal layer to improve skin elasticity, minimize fine lines, and provide enhanced structural support.
  5. Nourishes skin with rich yet lightweight emollients to lock in moisture and make skin supple and youthful-looking.
  6. Quick-absorbing formula won’t rub off once applied, and can be used under make-up or other creams that provide SPF protection.

Also, Solvaderm offers Dermatologist's professional strength products, this alone just gives me the confidence that this brand offers quality products.

The serum is a standard size 1 FL OZ. that comes with a dropper. Now the interesting part here is that you might expect it to be really thick like a normal serum, but to my surprise it is as light as water, it's pretty much colorless. It does have that chemical scent into it, but it is very very mild and it doesn't bother me, after all it claims to be perfume free.

When I received my complimentary sample in the mail, I went ahead and researched more about Solvaderm and their products, to my surprise, this particular serum is quite expensive, but is it worth the price? Well, to partially answer that, I have known that they have numerous studies to support their claims, you can view everything about the product HERE.


The direction says to: wash and pat skin dry. If using a toner, apply the toner first. Apply a small amount of serum to your hands to distribute to your entire face, neck and surrounding area. Allow to dry. Can be used daily (morning and night) and under make up. 

I applied the serum after my toner, and I notice that it dries fast and I didn't feel any unusual sensation, it wasn't thick nor thin. It feels as though I just rubbed water on my face, I love it.

I would also want to take note that I used it under my makeup and my skin wasn't flaky at all. My makeup went smooth as though I did not have anything under it. 


I have an oily type of skin, acne prone, and I do have noticeably huge pores. I also have a rough skin texture from a few acne scars on my temples, I have a few early signs of aging under my eye (early signs of wrinklessss, noooo). Those are my main skin concerns, and I do have high hopes that this serum will help me have a better and healthier skin.


I have tested this product for exactly ten days. I know that ten days is not long enough to see the long term benefits of the product, however it is not too short to know if the product worked well in my skin, and if it actually improved my skin.

In those ten days, I definitely saw improvements in my skin. In particular:

1. My acne scars faded, I definitely saw a more flawless complexion which leads me to:
2. More supple and smoother skin, the bumps from my acne scars faded, any discoloration from them were unnoticeable.
3. My skin is still oily as ever, BUT I observed that I never experienced any minor or major breakouts, my skin is not as acne prone as it was before.
4. I have yet to see if the lines under my eyes have improved, I think I will need more time for me to observe that.
5. I now can go out of my house without wearing any makeup on because I am more confident with my skin (literally).


I therefore conclude that this product worked really well on my skin. I love it, and I wish it is bottomless as I do not know if I can afford to spend that much money on it. I however, think that this is a very good investment for your skin because it definitely delivers. You may want to consult with your dermatologist before using it and always do your research.


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