August 7, 2015

Bella and Bear Haul and Product Reviews (Amazon Finds)

I stumbled upon a very very beautiful brand in amazon called Bella and Bear, their eye catching packaging and products are just so irresistible. I had the opportunity to purchase them using a promo code so I can test and review them myself.

Firstly, I find it interesting that they named most of their products after some type of cats, examples of which are: "Lynx" and "Iberian Lynx".

The packaging is just so so beautiful, I feel like any woman will love this kind of vintage print and color. Every item came with a box, and are carefully package so you're insured that the products are intact and safe.

I died when I saw how pretty and majestic the packaging is.

Anyways, I got their "Glam" Travel Makeup Bag ($12), their flat kabuki brush which is called "Lynx" ($11) , their spoolie and brow brush which is called "Iberian Lynx" ($11), and lastly "The Hair She Goes" which is a facial epilator ($12).

The "Glam" makeup travel bag is aestethically pleasing by itself, it screams "vintage" sophistication. It has a dimension of 10" by 7" by 3". Personally, I think the size is just enough, it is not too big for travel, yet not too small to not be able to bring your makeup kit with you. The size is definitely perfect for travelling. 

The inside pockets are transparent, this I personally prefer because I can easily see and find the item I need. It saves you time when finding the item you want inside the bag. It makes you more organized while travelling. 

The bag came with various pockets inside, I am pretty sure it will fit a lot of makeup with various size and shape. The more interesting feature of the bag is the hook. This is pretty genius, especially when travelling. You can store the bag open if you want to by using it. Another way is to hook the bag on a pole (or hook) and make both sides more accessible when using it. 

The stitching is pretty neat. Not a stray thread found *thankfully*. It just turns me off when I get a product with very poor stitching.

And can I just say how pleased I am that they paid so much attention to details, that even the zippers are cute as hell. Look at those cute heart. OMG I died.

Next one I got is the "Iberian Lynx" which is their spoolie and brow brush duo. I particularly love this kind or brush because they hit two birds in one stone. I noticed that the spoolie side of the brush is quite different than the usual spoolies that I've seen. This one is more packed with bristles. That maybe a good or a bad thing, but for me in general, I like it.

The brush side is made of synthetic fibers, this is great for creamy formula of brow products. I usually use my Nyx brow pomade to fill in my brows and this brush is my new best friend. 

The length of the brush is perfect, it's not too short or too long, it gave me enough control whenever I use it.

The next one is their "Lynx" which is a flat kabuki brush. This is probably my favorite in the bunch. The brush is made of synthetic fibers, it is so thickly packed and super soft. I use a flat kabuki brush most of the time to apply my foundation, and this one is perfect for me. It glides in my skin smoothly, it is also perfect to use if you want to buff in the product evenly. It gives me a very smooth finish, no lines of demarcation whatsoever.

It gave me a flawless airbrushed look. I simply enjoy using it. I used it quite a few times now and never experienced shedding. This is a great addition in my makeup vanity and I think I will be using it more often for my makeup. They also included a brush guard for this particular brush, and that is always a plus in my book.

A brush guard will help maintaining the shape of the brush and protect the bristles from unnecessary shedding. It is also very useful when travelling as it keeps your brush more compact and space friendly.

The last one is their "Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit". Honestly, I did not enjoy this one, although the packaging and color is super pretty. I just find it really really difficult to use. The spring device is supposedly a hair remover, but when I tried to use it, it took me a few attempts to remove my facial hair. It is quite hard to use and understand, the instruction says to hold the Hair Remover in each hand  and bend into U-shape and place on face, and then slowly rotate the rubber handles in both directions whilst gently moving the remover in an upwards motion. 

This is really difficult for me to follow, although I should admit that it is my first time to use this kind of device. Maybe if I keep on using it, I will figure it out later and make it work. But for now, I have mixed feelings about it.

The tweezers is so pretty, and this one is definitely useful and easy to use. The set came with a very cute storage pouch that is perfect for travel.

Overall, the products that I have tried are really excellent with an exemption to the hair epilator. This brand is definitely one that I will watch and take note of. The brushes are high quality, I think that I will use them quite a lot, they are reasonably priced too!

The bag will be very handy when I go travel. Needless to say, the packaging and color motif is absolutely adorable!! I am very much interested in trying out their other products.

The best thing is that, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if ever you find that a product isn't working out for you. If you are an amazon prime member, you will be getting a free two day shipping for these items. 

You can view and purchase their products by clicking HERE.

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Till the next post!


*links ARE NOT amazon affiliated links, I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a product review. Items were purchased using a promo code for testing and review purposes. 

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